Frequently Asked Questions

Safety doors

How can I order the door?
What happens to my old door if I don't need it?
Can you make a custom-colored door?
Is the door MABISZ certified?
Are the doors made to order?
How long is the production? When will the door be ready?
How long does the installation take?
Is opening to the outside possible?
Is there an optical peephole on the door?
Is there a dial on the door?
Is it possible to choose an individual doorknob?
How can I choose a color?
How can the door be cheaper?
Where is installation within the country possible?
Do you have a door in stock?
Do you manufacture doors in individual sizes?
What does it mean that the door is exterior or interior?
Do they work with safety glass?

Carefree fence systems

How many meters long slats can you produce at most?
How wide is a fence element?
Where can I/can't I use the caps?
Can I attach the clicks to an angle iron?
How long does it take for my order to be produced?
Why doesn't the price of the fence elements change proportionally with the length?
How long can a fence element be?
Can the fence slat be cut?
How much should I leave for the fence fields, per page?
How much does the survey cost?
How can I receive the manufactured fence elements?
Where is installation within the country possible?
How can I order fence elements and gates?
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